Hammer VIP Video – Bareback Sex

Hi to you all new guys and welcome to our crazy website! We know that you enjoy watching some more man on man action and you like watching all these porn actors around here banging each other so we thought we would bring to you some of ours hammer vip videos!You already know how all these things get started, right? With a prelude! So we will see these two guys today that first of all are going to taste each other’s cock and soon after that they will gonna stuff their asses until they will cum and fill those tiny holes! How about watching this video a little bit?

As the camera is on there is a guy that will help his buddy to take his pants off, take his underwear off, take that large cock into his filthy mouth and he begins to rub it and to suck it! This other guy closes his eyes cause he wanted to enjoy it better and at some point he feels a little bit dizzy from all that deep and intense pleasure! After slurping those ding dongs, this dude bends over and invites his friend to penetrate that wet ass! If you wanna see this entire scene with these two honeys fucking each other like crazy all you gotta do is join our community and you will have access to much more hot content! Also you can join the http://nextdoorbuddies.us/ blog and watch some horny buds sucking off each other's cock!

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Mark Lopez and Nicolai Rivera Video

Welcome once again! We are glad that you are back so soon and that you enjoyed our first post! Today in the following update you will have the chance to watch one more hot video! Mark and Nicolai will be starring today and it will be a lot of sucking involved! These two guys went in a summer camp and they were really happy to meet each other so when they had the chance and when they found the right spot they began a sucking session like no other! Was it just a way trough which they could welcome each other or it was just they way they like to start things? Let’s find out!

As the video is on you will see this guy taking that tool out of his pants and starting to suck it real slow in the beginning then faster in deeper in the end! It was the first time they have done it together and this dude was really anxious to taste and to slurp this guy’s cock and cum, so he couldn’t stop until he made him cum into his mouth! If you wanna see these two fellas blowing each other and cumming into their mouths just watch this entire scene! For similar gay sex videos, check out the hazehim blog and enjoy watching other horny twinks fucking!

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Twink Rough Sex

Hello to you all! And how are you today guys? Feeling bored? Are you bored of all that sensual and erotic sex? How about trying something more hardcore? It seems that these two twinks decided to hammer each other’s hole in another way that they were used to until now! They were visiting a place and they had the chance to rent this old house! They were thrilled of all those new things and they thought it was about time they tried a rough sex round! Are you eager to see these two horny fellas in action? How about watching them in action, shall we?

It was summer, it was vacation and this crazy couple had a trip! It was one of their first trips together and they were pretty anxious! As it was getting late and outside was raining they couldn’t sleep in the tent so they rented this place! They started kissing each other, touching in each and they ended up banging each other’s tight ass on the table in the kitchen! Yep, it seems like they weren’t so into cooking! Are you curious to see more? Just have a look around and you might find more amazing stuff! Enjoy also Enzo and Dominik’s sex round! If you wanna see some hairy dudes fucking each other’s ass, join the http://hotoldermale.us/ site!


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The Good Old Days

Hello guys! How about a new and fresh day old habits? We all remember those good old days in which we had a lot of fun, how about you? It’s been a while since these two fellas had some time to enjoy themselves and as today they have meet again they wanted to remember how much fun did they had! So it was time that they celebrated with something new and the hot twinks chose to have sex in public for this time! As soon as they found the right spot they started to please each other in each and every single way! How about having a look at what are they going to do?

It was the second day of October when these two guys had the chance to see each other and as they missed all those moments that they spent together they decided to do something that they have never done before! So when they found the right spot this hot guy helped the other one to take those pants off and took that large tool into his mouth! All that he wanted was to taste it and taste also that creamy cum, so he kept sliding it in and out of his mouth until he made this guy release all his jizz into his mouth! He was thrilled cause now he had to swallow all the cum he could get! If you want to see a big cocked guy getting his large tool sucked, join the http://www.codycummings.info site! Enjoy!


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Hammer VIP – Nicolas Santos

Hey guys! We know that you kept asking for a solo sex scene and here we are! We, the team here at hammer vip wants to fulfill all your wishes and your dreams so we are here to please you! That is why today we have for you this hot guy with green eyes that couldn’t wait to have some quiet and pleasurable time! So he decided to take a walk in the forest and there he found the right spot! Cause he had a lot of things to do recently and not enough time for himself he started to play with himself in the middle of the nature! Let’s watch him!

It was a hard week for Nicolas over here cause he had a lot of work to do so as the weekend approached Friday after work he went in the nearest place to chill a little bit! After some time a the pool he slept like a baby and in the morning after he took a walk and at some point he started to take his clothes off and to jerk off! All he wanted was to get all those loads of creamy cum outside his body so he started to stroke that large tool until he got what he came for! If you wanna see more from where this came from all you gotta do is watch this entire scene! Also you can join the http://eastboys.net/ and watch some sexy guys stroking their uncut cocks!


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Nick Lamar and Tony Hansen

Welcome fellas! We were expecting you! We came back as always and we brought to you all those hammervip updates that we were talking about! You know that we promised some new stuff and here they are! Today we will have the pleasure of watching these two hot twinks having sex in public! You already know Nick and Tony, right? They went today in the back yard to get their asses stuffed with their hard cocks cause it’s been a while since they have sex with each other!

You know that they are fuck buddies and as they haven’t have enough time for each other recently they thought that now they would recover the time that they have lost! First of all, they really missed tasting and teasing each other’s cock, so as soon as they got the chance they took those large tools into their mouths while they were fingering those tiny and tight asses! After lubing those asses with their mouths they began to slide those tools in, easily and the fucking session was about to start! have fun while watching this entire sex scene, or visit the http://rawpapi.org/ blog and see some sexy Latino guys screwing their asses!


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Hammer VIP – Marc and George

Howdy new guys! What do you usually like to do in your spare time? What about in your vacation? In the following hammer VIP scene you will have the chance to watch Marc and George as they decided that in this weekend they were about to have some oral sex session time! Yep, they were sick of all that sensual and hard fucking so they thought that they would make each other cum in the most pleasant way! Let’s no waste any more time and have a look at these guys sucking techniques!

Just to make things more hotter, they chose to get into the woods this time and when they chose the right spot they took turns in jerking off, teasing and rubbing each other’s hard cock! Soon after that they started to lick and tease the tool with the mouth and with the tongue and he started slowly to take it into his mouth sucking it, slurping it and shoving it down his throat! In the end these guys got all the cum they could get into their mouths and swallowed it right away! Check out now this entire hot oral scene! If you liked this scene, check out the http://www.blacktgirls.org/ site and see some sexy trannies sucking big dicks!


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Hot Twink Three Way

Hei there fellas! What do you like to do in the summer vacation? These guys over here decided to go in a camp for 2 weeks! They had no idea that they were about to have so much fun! So on their way there they started to make plans without having any idea what was about to happen cause they had a strict schedule and they had to stick to it but today as no one observed that these three were missing they thought they would do something that they wanted a long time ago: an outdoor threesome session! Let’s take a peek at what else they are planning to do!

All these twinks ever think about it how to have fun! It seems like today they kinda run away to get laid! So as these two guys were kissing each other and touching their butts, this other dude began to suck their cocks both into his filthy mouth! After getting them prepared it was time to get one into his wet and tight ass and the other one into his mouth so he laid in the doggy style position and these guys were penetrating him up until they both cum in the same time and filled his holes! Just watch this entire sex scene! Also you can join the My First Daddy website and watch some horny twinks getting fucked by some horny gay daddies!


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Enzo and Enrico

Hi there fellas! How have you been? Isn’t it time for you to watch the most recent hammervip update? We are back with some fresh and funky content! Today we thought that you might enjoy another sex in public scene with Enzo and Enrico! These two honies were part of a bigger group with which they went out camping! It seems like these two got lost on purpose to enjoy themselves! How about having a look at what they did out there in the nature? Stay tunned cause we will show to you every hot detail!

All the guys couldn’t wait to get out of town so for this time they decided to go camping around a lake ! As these two fellas couldn’t have some time for themselves they grabbed a blanket and when to have some oral sex intimate moments ! As they were pretty horny they took turns in playing with each other’s hard tool with their mouths and after making them hard enough it was time for a deep and intense penetration! If you wanna see these two guys cumming all you gotta do is join our community and you will also have access to much more hot content! Or maybe you wanna watch some spy pics featuring some gorgeous guys! If you want to see some handsome gay guys having hardcore sex, join the chaosmen website! Have fun!


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Hammer VIP – Enzo and Dominik

Good morning guys! How about some more hammer vip outdoor action? What do you like to do in the hot days of summer? These two guys wanted to have a barbeque and even if the sky began to be full of clouds they didn’t mind and they continued their relaxing time in nature! After all that food they felt a king of tension in the air and they knew it was sexual so they had to do something about it! So when the time has come to kiss and touch each other, for this time they were willing to do some more! This is the moment when they were about to fuck each other for the very first time cause even if they have been together for a while they hadn’t had the chance to do it! Let’s have a look at what is going on!

Enzo and Dominik were together by about 3 months and for this date they wanted to have a barbeque! When things got pretty heated up it was time that they stuff their large tools into their holes! This tattooed guy was the first that took his large cock out and began to tease this guy’s ass hole! He slided in slowly and kept fucking him on and on in different positions until he came and filled that entire hole! If you wanna see the other guy taking control on top of the situation all you gotta do is watch this entire scene! Also you can click here and watch other hot gay guys fucking! If you can’t wait until the next week’s scene, check out the collegeboyphysicals.org site and see some hot college guys jerking off for the camera!


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