Gay Frathouse

Another fresh week and time for another hammer vip scene here to be showed to you all guys and gals. You know that our site is most definitely the go to place when you want to see some incredible horny dudes fucking hard and these two want to take their sweet time to get to play with one another too. So yeah, you know that there’s only the best of the best gay fuck scenes here and you can be assured that this wee’s fuck fest is just as amazing. Anyway, let those cameras roll already and let’s get right to checking out this hot pair fucking each other senseless for the whole afternoon today shall we everyone? We can guarantee some unforgettable moments!

Gay Frathouse

The two guys just make their entry and it seems that they are both ready to go already. Watch clothes fly left and right as they get naked and see them sixty nine-ing in this one as well as they eat out each other’s asses and suck one another off. But the best part of this show is when the guy with the black top gets to fuck his friend doggie style and make that cute and tight ass jiggle for the better part of this one. Either way they both get to have all the fun that they want in today’s scene and we’ll return next week with more amazing scenes to show off to you. All you need to do is sit back and relax and check it out!

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David Alis and Martin Bennett

Hello friends! Welcome back for more hammer vip scenes! In this wonderful day we have the pleasure of presenting to you David and Martin in some outdoor action! These two honeys met a few weeks ago and since then they love spending their time together! We have caught them today as they decided to go to a picnic and they ended up pleasing each other in the middle of the nature! Let’s find out more about what happened out there, shall we? Stay around and we will have you watch this entire scene!

If Monday morning caught them at work in the evening, for some after work stuff they decided to have some relaxing time in the nature and they took with them some food! So they were standing on the grass enjoying the view when this blond guy grabbed his penis and began to rub it trough his pants! He got the idea so he took it out and began to suck it real slow, just to tease him a little bit! All he wanted was to give to this guy a blowjob that he could forever remember! So after all that slurping and shoving down his throat he came and filled his entire mouth! Enjoy also this hot blowjob! If you’re looking for other hardcore gay sex videos, go to site! Have fun, guys!


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